Your Performance Retreat

What’s Included

  • 3 Nights all inclusive accommodation
  • Nutritious food inc breakfast, lunch & dinner  
  • Training sessions led by Internationally recognised coaches and athletes
  • Access to World Class training facilities
  • Strength based session in the High Performance Centres
  • Pilates for runners
  • Cross Training sessions & swimming pool access  
  • Educational workshops
  • Nutritional education, including fuelling strategies
  • Access to Physio and Sports Therapists
  • Rest, recovery & relaxation sessions
  • Running drills and technique sessions 


Performance Gym


Elite Athlete Hotel

Relaxation Lounge

Hotel Rooms & Pricing

£200 deposit required to secure your spot. Remaining balance is payable within 5 days after you make your deposit. 


 Rooms & Pricing

Single person in a shared room = £699 p/p

Single person in their own double room = £799 p/p

Couple in a double room = £1,398 (£699 p/p)