Performance Retreat – July 2021


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This includes:

Hotel Accommodation – Arrive Friday and leave Monday morning (3 night stay)

Fully Catered – Breakfast, lunch & tea at the elite athlete hotel

Educational Workshops – We will cover the following areas; Training Smarter, Mindset & Motivation, Injury Risk Management & Training Your Brain

Exploring Local Running Trails – Coach guided runs around the local running trails in Loughborough and the surrounding areas

Sports Massage – We will have a massage therapist on hand to help with recovery & rehabilitation.

Coach Led Running Sessions – Specific sessions led by our international athletes and coaches. These will be designed to help you improve your running performance and adapted for runners of all abilities

Running Technique Workshop – A session led by our international athletes and coaches, who will look specifically at running technique and how to include running drills into your training plan

Rehab & Prehab For Runners – We will look specifically at injury risk management strategies, including; low level strength & conditioning work and prehab & rehab exercises you can be including within your training.

Individual Coach/Athlete Reviews – 1:1 with our coaches where you will analyse your training and look at future goals and race plans

Outdoor Swimming – Access to the open air outdoor swimming pool, which sits in the valley surrounded by the mountains

Access To All Relevant Loughborough University Sport Facilities – Access to the world class olympic level training facilities including the gym, HIPAC, outdoor track and indoor pool.

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