Endurance Physiology Workshop: 19th May 2024


Workshop Overview

Date: 19th May 2024


Duration: 1 day workshop, 10am Arrival – 4pm Depart


Location: Birmingham University Track, Edgbaston, Birmingham


Ability Level: For runners of ALL abilities who want to improve


Workshop Overview: Our physiology workshop is the first of it’s kind in the UK. The day includes a physiological test, performed on the track, as well as full analysis. Our coaching & physiology team will take runners through a physiological step test, taking their lactate sample at each stage, which will allow us to create runners a physiological profile. We will also have the addition of the revolutionary wavelight technology on the track, so runners can use the wavelight to help them with their pacing during the test.


Physiology Test

Individual physiology test, including full lactate profile and training recommendations. This ‘in field’ testing will help you take your running to the next level.

Wavelight Technology

Follow the pacing lights with the use of revolutionary wavelight technology. This will help runners with their pacing during the testing session.

Coach Support

Expert coaches on hand to support you with your test and track all of your data. You will have the chance to ask any questions you might have for our team.

Data Analysis

Learn more about your data, so you can go away and train smarter so that you can perform better.

Train & Perform

Train and perform like the elite athletes in our sport. Elite athletes are using this technology to take their performance to the next level and you can do the same out our physiology workshop.

Workshop Includes

  • Full individual field based sub-max test
  • Take away endurance profile
  • Endurance Physiology Seminar
  • Wavelight pace guidance
  • Access to world class training facilities
  • Expert coaching & advice
  • Nutritious lunch
  • Learn how to train smarter and perform better
  • Warm up including technique drills

Workshop Schedule

Morning - 10am Arrival

Arrive for 10am to a warm coaches welcome and other runners of all abilities, who will be taking part in the testing. During the morning we will go through the session briefing so you know exactly what to do, before we head out onto the track for a warm up, including running drills and then we will start your testing session.

Your Physiology Test

During your test you will have the opportunity to follow the wavelight technology to help you with your pacing. Our physiology team will take your lactate sample at each stage so we can create a physiology profile for you to help you to train smarter and perform better.

Afternoon - 4pm Depart

Once you’ve finished your test, you will grab lunch, recover well and go into the physiology education session. This session will help you understand the science behind the sport as well as all the data that you will receive from your individual test scores. The day will finish at approx 4pm in the afternoon, but you will have the chance to ask our coaching team any questions you have.

Workshop Pricing

Workshop Location

What Our Runners Say

"Different Class"

“Had a fantastic at the Runners Retreat Workshop.Everything had a professional and friendly feel to it, held in a stunning environment. The hosts are all great characters with impressive decorated backgrounds. Their knowledge was of great depth, and they conveyed all sorts of useful information to the group with clarity whilst making the whole day lots of fun. The course content was like a dream for a passionate runner like myself, and I learnt a great deal. I will 100% be returning for more Runner Retreats events, as from the minute I stepped into the Elite Athlete Centre to leaving I had an absolutely awesome time. Lewis, Gemma, Matt & Kirsty…thanks so much for an amazing day, look forward to seeing you all again in the future”

Russ Hewitt – UK

"Fantastic Day"

“Fantastic day at the Runner Retreats workshop. So inspiring, learnt lots of things, Fantastic mixture of topics, all of which I can use in my training today. Coaches were really knowledgeable I would totally recommend this to all runners of all abilities. You will not be disappointed.”

Suki Vernon – UK

"Inclusive of All Abilities"

“The running drills workshop and lactate testing was very well planned, everyone was made to feel welcome and the coaches are very knowledgeable, welcoming and inclusive of all abilities. For anyone who loves running and the Runner Retreat team are a great team of people to learn from. The running drills and lactate testing on the track was a great days workshop. I highly recommend attending future workshops/runner retreats.”

Mikey – UK