Birmingham Marathon Workshop: 28th Jan 2024


Workshop Overview

Date: Sunday 28th January 2024


Duration: 1 day workshop, 10am Arrival – 4pm Depart


Location: Birmingham University Track, Edgbaston, Birmingham


Ability Level: For runners of ALL abilities who want to find out how to run their best marathon.


Workshop Overview: Our marathon workshop is designed for marathon runners of all abilities who want to find out how they can run their best marathon. During the day, our expert coaches will lead an endurance track session on the Birmingham University Community Track, where runners will be put through their own paces, to benefit from the session. We will also educate marathon runners on fuelling and nutrition and look at how they can train smarter for the 26.2 miles.


Endurance Track Session

Our coaches will lead a marathon based, endurance running session on the Birmingham University Track.

Run Your Best Marathon

Learn how to run your best marathon with an action packed, educational day led by our expert coaching team.

Fuelling & Nutrition

Learn all about the nutritional demands of the marathon and how you can fuel for your next marathon in order to improve your performance.

Training For The Marathon

Find out how to train smarter for the marathon, so you are better prepared than ever to run your best marathon come race day.

Workshop Pricing

Workshop Includes

  • Endurance based track session
  • Benefit from expert coaching
  • Planning your training workshop
  • Nutrition & fuelling workshop
  • Access to world class training facilities
  • The demands of the marathon workshop
  • Nutritious lunch
  • Learn how to train smarter and perform better
  • Goodie bag on arrival

Workshop Schedule

Morning - 10.00am Arrival

Arrive for 10.00am to a warm welcome from our coaching team and meet the other marathon runners who will be taking part in the workshop. During the morning you will complete a thorough warm up, led by our coaches, who will then put you through your paces during an endurance based, track session.


After your morning track session on the, you will be treated to lunch when you will have time to rest, recover and refuel. Our coaching team will also be on hand to answer any questions you have from the morning session, before we head into the afternoon for our educatioal marathon workshops.

Afternoon - 4pm Depart

In the afternoon session we will cover all things MARATHON. This will include:

– How to train smarter and race faster

– The best way to pace your marathon

– Marathon nutrition and fuelling

Workshop Location

What Our Runners Say


“What a wonderful day for anyone wishing to run their first marathon or improve their marathon running.
You couldn’t help but come away inspired when it was delivered by such inspiring & passionate professionals. The day was tailored such that it was accessible to everyone whatever their running experience.
All thats left now is to go out there and put everything into practice to smash that marathon!”

Joanne Lee – UK

"Fantastic Day"

“Fantastic day at the Runner Retreats workshop. So inspiring, learnt lots of things, Fantastic mixture of topics, all of which I can use in my training today. Coaches were really knowledgeable I would totally recommend this to all runners of all abilities. You will not be disappointed.”

Suki Vernon – UK


“I had a place at their Marathon Workshop yesterday. I thought the whole experience to be instructive, fun and confidence building. I have come away with all the information I need to help me conquer my first marathon.
All the staff and instructors were fabulous. I would, wholeheartedly, recommend Runner Retreats Workshops to anyone. Thank you all”

Jackie Swain – UK